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Combining the best development practices, the latest design methodologies, and the state-of-the-art DevOps approaches.

Systems Design

  • Multi-threaded server design
  • Asynchronous messaging systems
  • REST service design
  • Designing for Security
  • Domain Driven Design courses
  • Enterprise design patterns, messaging patterns, error-handling patterns


  • Continuously Integrated and Continuously Deployable solutions
  • Log and metrics monitoring solutions for Fault and Performance monitoring.
  • Java VM development techniques, including profiling.
  • Code test strategies, including TDD, BDD and Mocking.
  • Many Java containers and frameworks, including Spring Boot


  • CAP Theorem and pratice
  • Stateless service design
  • Testing strategies, including performance and scalability testing
  • Reactive: Theading models and designing for availability


  • Log and metrics monitoring solutions for Fault and Performance monitoring
  • Understanding use of Cloud services such as AWS
  • Understanding of multiple build systems and CI servers
  • Source-control systems, including Git and Subversion
  • Development Branching Strategies.

SQL Databases

  • Wide range of SQL databases, including PostGRES, MySQL and Oracle.
  • Relational schema design,
  • Database and Index optimisation
  • Database migration and optimisation
  • Query optimisation
  • Geospacial queries

NoSQL databases

  • MongoDB development and performance analysis
  • Cloud document DB development (DynamoDB)
  • XML document DB development (Marklogic)
  • Design patterns for data consistency in non-transactional databases

Team Leadership and Agile

  • Agile planning and team management with Scrum
  • 15 years experience of XP technical processes
  • Lean development, including MVT testing
  • Kanban
  • From startups to Fortune 100 companies
  • Small teams to in excess of 20 people.
  • Scrum-of-Scrums implementations

Market Sectors

  • Investment Banking (Risk Analysis, Equities)
  • Trading Exchanges
  • Corporate Ecommerce
  • Personal and Small Business Finance
  • Personal and Vehicle Tracking Services
  • Online Publishing
  • Air Flight Passenger Information
  • Scheduling Software
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Wireless Access Provisioning
  • High-Speed Data Acquisition
  • Price Feed Vendors

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